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Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
— Dr. Seuss

Life is made up of moments.

Yeah, it's a little cheesy, but it's the truth. Our brains are hardwired to remember the moments of our lives, preserving the thoughts, images, words and - most of all - feelings that we were experiencing at the time.

But sometimes our brains get fuzzy. Sometimes we struggle to remember things about even the most significant events in our lives. Eventually our memories begin to fade and only a handful of moments from our history are accessible.

It's just a fact of life. 

But the great news is that there are ways to help ourselves remember.

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Pictures make it easier to remember these moments!

That's why we have so many selfies in our camera roll, right? We want to scroll through and remember how amazing those moments were. 

And if you took selfies to remember that time you were at the beach with your family... why wouldn't you want photos to help you remember your Wedding, one of the most significant days in your life?

Easy answer: you do want the best wedding photos.

But selfies aren't going to cut it for your Big Day. No, you need more than that. You need someone with experience, professional, expertise and a dang good-looking beard to help tell the story of your wedding day for generations to come.

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Authentic + Awesome

So what's the deal with the "Authentic + Awesome" tagline anyway? Is it just a catchphrase for someone who is probably too addicted to alliteration?

Let me explain.

Authentic because I don't want to capture fake moments. You know how you can look at a photo and go "wow that's such a fake smile"? Nobody wants fake-smile photos from their wedding day! Does your nose crinkle when you laugh? Do you cry during the father-daughter dance at every wedding (like I do)? Don't hide from the camera in those moments! When you look back at your wedding images, I want you to see real, Authentic moments that were preserved.

Awesome because why not? Boring is boring, but awesome is Awesome! I'm always trying to outdo myself from the last wedding I shot and I continually strive to be a top wedding photographer. I look for new ways to create epic, visually stunning and just plain Awesome photos for my clients. Whether in Cincinnati, Columbus, or anywhere else around the world, I want to deliver a high-end wedding photography experience! I love using dramatic lighting and thoughtful, cinematic composition to make my images not only please my clients, but also my own inner creative drive to produce something Awesome.

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